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What is the Appeal of an Appeal? Getting to Know NARB

In this episode of Ad Watchers, your hosts discuss a critical link in the chain of advertising industry self regulation: the National Advertising Review Board, or NARB, the appellate body for National Advertising Division cases. 

This episode welcomes NARB Chair and Vice-Chair, Ken Plevan and Heather Hippsley, as well as NARB Manager, Saveeta Dhanai, to discuss the voluntary appeal process, an overview of the distinguished board of experienced industry professionals that hear appealed cases, and some important practices to keep in mind when taking your case to the NARB. 

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Episode Show Notes: What is the Appeal of an Appeal? Getting to Know NARB

On this episode of Ad Watchers, host Daniel Range, Attorney at the National Advertising Division (NAD), is joined by an all-star team from the National Advertising Review Board (NARB), BBB Programs. Ken Plevan, Chair, Heather Hippsley, Vice-Chair, and Saveeta Dhanai, Manager, all gather to discuss who makes up the National Advertising Review Board (N ARB) and the role this organization plays in the advertising self-regulation space. 

Dan leads the conversation by asking Ken to give listeners a general overview of the NARB and its function. Ken begins by reminding us that NARB is informal and voluntary. Companies participating in the NAD process who are unhappy with the decision issued have an opportunity to appeal, which is done through NARB. Unsatisfied NAD participants can ask their colleagues within the industry to tell them whether what they are doing is right, wrong, or defensible. This request transforms into a review board comprised of five industry peers.

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American Election Law Equals Transparency

Political advertising and trust? They should go hand and hand. Now, to address this elephant in the room, BBB National Programs’ Digital Advertising Accountability Program (DAAP) launched the new Political Advertising program.

We can all breathe a sigh of relief, knowing that the BBB National Programs’ DAAP will be monitoring the transparency of political advertising this year. Hit play to hear from Jon Brescia, VP of Digital Advertising Accountability Program, and Ayaz Minhas, Programs Manager for Data Privacy and Digital Programs discuss this exciting new development!

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Hidden Fees Brought to Light

Hidden fees aren’t just a consumer issue – it’s a problem for businesses as well. The inability to play fair or advertise honestly eventually impacts the reputation of a company, and many times, industries as a whole. Anna Laitin, Director of Financial Policy at Consumer Reports, gives us an inside look at how they’re tackling this issue head-on for both businesses’ and consumers’ well being.

The Power of the Influencer

More than ever, consumers are motivated by what their favorite influencers are endorsing through their social media channels. In this episode, Pam Deese, attorney of Arent Fox, walks us through what it means to hold the torch of influence in today’s digital world. Be sure to tune in!