New brides, would you agree that one of the most complicated things to deal with after marriage is the name change? There are tons of paperwork that needs submission to tons of different entities. If only there were a one-stop shop that new brides can go to and magically it is all done. Danielle Tate, the founder of MissNowMrs, brings us a unique business model to help the name change process become much easier. Tune in to learn how a novel idea goes from a thought to a startup.

Weather-Ready Nation

Doug Hilderbrand, External/ WRN Ambassador Lead at National Weather Service stops by The Bistro to us help us prepare for the unknown. Listen in to learn how to become a Weather-Ready Nation!

Social Media Connecting Brands

Our Better Series podcast takes a closer look at how social media helps build relationships between brands and its audience, creating unique experiences and high engagement. Curtis Midkiff Jr., Advisor, Social Business Strategy at Southwest Airlines stops by to tell us how the airline uses a mix of social listening and fun to bring its social media to life.

Consumer Moving Rights

May is National Moving Month! Scott Michael, President and CEO of American Moving and Storage Association joins us on The Bistro to educate us on our rights as consumers when hiring a moving company. He also provides moving tips and great advice to help the process go smooth and easy!

MAD Fitness

In honor of recently celebrating Mother’s Day, we bring you a special mother and daughter duo. Sue Immerman and Eve Kinney joined forces to create MAD (Mother and Daughter) Fitness to bring us a unique, impactful health training experience. They discuss the ins and outs, ups and downs to family business. Find out how to be a mom, as well as a business partner.