Connected Toys Safety Tips

Have your children given you their wish list yet for the holidays? Before you start piling your shopping carts with your kids’ most wanted gifts, listen in to this episode of The Bistro. Our friends at CARU, Director, Dona Fraser, and Senior Attorney, Katie Goldstein joins us to discuss how to keep your children safe when playing with their connected toys.

Understanding Donor’s Trust This Giving Season

Can you believe it? It is that time year again. Time for gifting and giving. Charitable donations increases during the holidays and non-profits are preparing to see support pour in for their causes. However, do they truly understand how donors perceive them or how best to reach their most prominent supporters? Join us as we talk with Elvia Castro, Manager, Regional Charity Reporting and Bennett Weiner, Chief Operating Officer of BBB Wise Giving Alliance about their phenomenal report on donor trust.

Unseen Impacts of Identity Theft

We all are aware of the financial disruptions that identity crimes have on individuals but do we think of the aftermath that runs deeper than the mighty dollar? Do we think about the impacts it has on families, communities, and our economy as a whole? In this episode of The Bistro, Eva Velasquez, President, and CEO at the Identity Theft Resource Center invites us to truly view how identity theft affects all of our lives.