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AI in the Hiring Process

In the science fiction film, Terminator, computers designed to think and act like humans decided they didn’t need carbon-based lifeforms and set out to end the pesky human race. While it’s easy to dismiss depictions of artificial intelligence as Hollywood fantasy, the use of algorithms to help make good decisions continues to grow in scope and scale.

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Can AI Help Keep Companies Hiring?

In a world where distance is encouraged, is AI the answer to help move hiring forward? It seems like that question has already been answered. Major corporations like Hilton, AT&T, and Capital One have been building their HR with the assistance of AI technology. One small glance to the left, and it could mean the difference between a hire or a pass. Tara Behrend, Director of the WAVE Lab and Associate Professor of George Washington University, is an expert on this. Listen in now to get the inside track!

Smart Cities for Smarter Living – Episode Transcript

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Introduction: Welcome to the BBB National Programs podcast, The Bistro, where we will discuss today’s hottest consumer trends, predict the future with consumer experts, and learn how elite businesses and entrepreneurs continue to push the envelope to meet and shape the consumers’ needs in the marketplace.

Elaine: Hello, and welcome to The Bistro. I’m your host, Elaine Espinola. Smart city initiatives are popping up all over the world, revolutionizing systems in the communities we live, work, and play to help improve our lives, make them safer, more efficient, and more technologically advanced and more connected than ever before. Well, how does it all work? What challenges exist in planning the development of smart cities, and how can we ensure that our data is safe and protected while we enjoy the enhanced services that smart city technology provides?

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The Race To Self Driving Cars

It wasn’t too long ago that people were fixated by the Jetson cartoon, watching in awe at the possibility of a futuristic lifestyle filled with flying vehicles and automated machines. Little did we know that innovators were already in motion towards making autonomous vehicles a reality. The earliest concepts for self-driving vehicles began taking root in the 1980s. Ever since then, it’s been nothing but progress for this fascinating development.

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Smart Cities for Smarter Living

Ever hear the term, “smart cities,” and think what exactly does that mean? This innovative way of living is being fueled by the evolution of AI, having us exist in the “Jetson” era sooner than we thought. Danielle Loffreda, Market Development and Consultant for Ciena introduces us to where smart cities have been and where they are going. Listening in now!