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AI in the Hiring Process

In the science fiction film, Terminator, computers designed to think and act like humans decided they didn’t need carbon-based lifeforms and set out to end the pesky human race. While it’s easy to dismiss depictions of artificial intelligence as Hollywood fantasy, the use of algorithms to help make good decisions continues to grow in scope and scale.

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Can AI Help Keep Companies Hiring?

In a world where distance is encouraged, is AI the answer to help move hiring forward? It seems like that question has already been answered. Major corporations like Hilton, AT&T, and Capital One have been building their HR with the assistance of AI technology. One small glance to the left, and it could mean the difference between a hire or a pass. Tara Behrend, Director of the WAVE Lab and Associate Professor of George Washington University, is an expert on this. Listen in now to get the inside track!

What Do You Need Most to Attract & Keep Top Talent? A Conscience.

In the eleven years since the Great Recession, the US labor market has flipped from having too few jobs for too many unemployed people to a job landscape that looks more like reverse musical chairs where there are not enough players to fill the seats when the music stops. For a growing company, finding the talent to scale a business can mean the difference between long-term success or short-term failure. 

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