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Beautycounter: The Business of Good

It’s National Entrepreneurship Week (#NatlEshipWeek) and in honor of all those willing to write their own professional story we share Nina Bradley Clarke’s. Once a journalist, Nina decided to follow a different path by becoming her own boss as Managing Director for Beautycounter. Tune in to this past episode to hear how she is watching her business grow all while changing the world around her.

Online Ads That Know You – Part 1

Have you ever searched a website realizing after leaving it, there are ads following you everywhere you go online related to what you just browsed? You are indeed being followed. Ready to take control of how much data advertisers can utilize from you to remain in front of you? Tune in to this two-part episode where Jon Brescia and Ayaz Minhas of the BBB Accountability Program tell you how

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The Effects of the Shutdown

The effects of the longest government shutdown in U.S. history was not an individual challenge alone. The implications were far-reaching, impacting also our marketplace and the overall economy. Dr. Julia Heath, Director of the Economics Center at the University of Cincinnati and President of the National Association of Economic Educators explains more on this great episode.