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Big Industry Moments of 2019 – Episode Transcript

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Introduction: Welcome to the BBB National Programs Podcast, Better Series, where we will explore top of mind topics and self-regulation with business and industry leaders. Together we seek to understand the leading trends and innovations that continue to push the envelope in today’s marketplace.

James: Thank you for joining us today on the Better Series Podcast. I’m James Lee, and joining me today is the host of another of our BBB National Programs podcasts, Elaine Espinola of The Bistro, our podcast that looks at the relationship between consumers and businesses.

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Big Industry Moments of 2019

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas. With only a few days away from 2020, let’s sum up our 2019. We do so with a “Wow!” From Beautycounter’s ability to rally over 3,000 voices on Capital Hill demanding regulation in the beauty industry, to watching each of the five big technology giants cross data privacy and protection lines, 2019 seemed to have been a nail biter. We have your recap right here!