Monthly Archives: March 2017

Children’s Food & Beverage Advertising Initiative

March is National Nutrition Month®! A time to reflect on the importance of making informed food choices and developing sound eating and physical activity habits. Join our conversation with Vice President/Director Maureen Enright and Program Manager Brittany Oberdorff of Children’s Food & Beverage Advertising Initiative (CFBAI) and hear how the program’s participants have contributed to being a part of the solution in tackling childhood obesity by improving the children’s food advertising landscape.

Giving Wisely with Wise Giving Alliance

Thinking about volunteering your time or donating to a nonprofit or charity? It’s wise to do research first before making any commitments. The BBB Wise Giving Alliance (WGA) is here to help! Art Taylor, President, and CEO of WGA discuss the importance of giving and how WGA is here for you.

Internet of Things

In today’s world we find ourselves doing less and depending more on our “things” to do it all for us! As beneficial as this reduced human intervention may be, are there impacts to businesses and consumers that should be thought through? Learn what the experts have to say about the future of IoT for businesses small and large.

Note: Recordings from BBB National Program’s Better Business Conference are used in this episode.


The Customer Is Always First

Customers are the foundation for any business. No matter your business’ size, customers are your first priority. Thought leaders and experts from some of your favorite consumer brands joined us for a discussion about the importance of the consumer experience.

Note: Recordings from BBB National Program’s Better Business Conference are used in this episode.

Kick-Off: National Consumer Protection Week

Today jumpstarts a week filled with consumer information to help you understand your rights as a consumer. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Consumer Education Specialist, Cristina Miranda talks with us about the spirit of National Consumer Protection Week (NCPW) and new consumer tips.

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