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Privacy in the Time of COVID-19

When the first cases of a novel coronavirus were reported in China in late 2019, US businesses were not focused on what would become a global pandemic. What they were thinking about was how to comply with tough new state privacy laws that were about to go into effect in 2020.

Flash forward to today and the California Consumer Privacy Act, the New York SHIELD Act and several other state and territorial privacy and security laws are in effect (or soon will be). Some of those laws prohibit the kind of data sharing that health experts say is needed to help respond to the novel coronavirus outbreak in the US.

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Privacy in the Face of COVID-19

Conversations have sparked around data regulation and privacy in direct correlation to how it’s being used to provide insights about the impact of COVID-19. Location data is a big focus. Recently, the Senate conducted an unprecedented ‘paper hearing’ of which the Future of Privacy Forum (FPF) weighed in. Katelyn Ringrose, Policy Fellow of FPF, discusses all the details from a data optimist perspective. It’s a good one, take a listen!

Who’s Driving Regulation for Connected Cars?

When Henry Ford released the Model T in 1908, do you think he imagined his innovation becoming what it is today? It’s impressive how far we’ve come from over a century ago. 

In today’s vehicles, microcomputers track our every move while going about our daily lives. Experts estimate that a car can produce up to 25 gigabytes of data an hour and up to 4,000 gigabytes a day. This goldmine of data could be worth up to $750 billion by the time 2030 rolls around! 

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Data Driven Cars

As the automotive industry drives us forward into autonomy, how does this impact data collection and privacy? John Verdi, VP of Policy at Future of Privacy Forum talks about the past, present, and future of data privacy and regulation for connected cars on this week’s episode. Enjoy the ride!