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Age Gating Technology: Is it working?

Data privacy is the talk of the town these days. While our digital landscape only continues to expand into a technological dreamland of data collection, establishing regulation is what is going to keep businesses out of a data nightmare. Protecting the data of children who joyfully beg for internet time is a top priority for the Children’s Advertising Review Unit (CARU). As Vice President of CARU, Dona Fraser explains, “Children’s interaction in an online environment has gone well beyond that family computer.” 

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Age Ain’t Nothing but a Number. Or is it?

Certain online platforms are required by COPPA law to screen users’ age. Is your platform one that should be? What are the specifics mandated by this law? Find out how this multi-faceted regulation affects your business as we explore this topic with Dona Fraser, VP, and Angela Tiffin, Senior Attorney at the BBB NP’s Children’s Advertising Review Unit.

FTC Signals an Alarm on Children Advertising

The world of technology has changed, and its time that COPPA change along with it. Dona Fraser, Vice President of the Children Advertising Review Unit joins The Bistro. She shares how she envisions COPPA evolving to meet the arising needs that our endless transforming digital environment brings.