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Filling Privacy Gaps with Soft Law Solutions

Emerging technology is innovative, creative, and fun, but it moves faster than the development of the privacy regulations, laws, and formal guidelines that will eventually govern it. In the absence of a comprehensive federal privacy law, companies experimenting and innovating are looking for guidance. Soft law standards and rules of the road can fill the legally binding hard law gaps that exist for emerging tech. 

In this episode of Privacy Abbreviated, our hosts are joined by the Future of Privacy Forum’s Jameson Spivack to discuss how industry-developed standards and best practices can guide policymaking allowing hard law to adopt the lessons learned from soft law. 

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Lessons Learned from California on Global Privacy Control

The patchwork of privacy legislation at the state level is challenging, at best, and right now enforcement of CCPA in California is providing many lessons learned for both other states following in California’s footsteps and businesses trying to remain compliant with new, and old, privacy laws. Last year’s landmark Sephora settlement with the California Office of the Attorney General, for example, has led businesses to pay much closer attention to a technology called Global Privacy Control, or GPC, first introduced in 2020. The settlement reminded businesses, in a big way, that they must respect consumer choices.

In this episode, the hosts of Priv are joined by Jeewon Serrato of BakerHostetler, who represented Sephora in this landmark settlement, to break down GPC and outline the lessons learned for businesses.

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Data Privacy Framework (DPF) is Here – Now What?

The Data Privacy Framework (DPF) Program is now in effect, replacing the Privacy Shield Program as the mechanism to allow the safe, seamless transfer of personal data from the EU to the U.S in compliance with EU law. In this special edition episode of Privacy Abbreviated, host Dona Fraser is joined by IAPP’s Cobun Zweifel-Keegan to explain the current landscape of cross-border data transfer privacy, to break down the launch of the DPF Program, what it means for U.S. businesses, and make some predictions about what the road ahead looks like



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Business Case for the NIST Privacy Framework

The privacy landscape is changing fast, and business leaders are trying to keep up. In this episode of Priv, hosts Dona Fraser and Jason Cronk discuss one of the resources available to help. Guest Dylan Gilbert, Privacy Policy Advisor, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) discusses how the NIST Privacy Framework, a voluntary technology-neutral tool, can help organizations better manage their privacy risks, as guest Nandita Rao Narla, Head of Technical Privacy and Governance for DoorDash explains real-world applications for this Framework and some of NIST’s most helpful resources for businesses.

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Privacy IRL: Meet the Hosts of Priv

Many people think privacy is a narrow lane, but in reality, privacy is so much more. In a world where every business is a global business, the challenges and risks in the privacy space become increasingly complex and intertwined, and the definition of ‘privacy’ itself varies depending on who you speak to. In this episode of Priv, host Dona Fraser interviews our new co-host, Jason Cronk, on how he defines privacy, what drives him, and a little bit about his journey into a career in privacy.

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