Monthly Archives: June 2019

BBB AUTO LINE: A BBB National Program

Dispute resolution may sound deceptively simple, but let’s not be fooled. Listen in as Juan Herrera, National Director of Dispute Resolution Programs at BBB AUTO LINE explains the intricacies of dispute resolutions as it relates to cars.



Living Life in the Digital World

It’s #internetsafetymonth! We are certain that your family enjoys all of the benefits of living in a digital world. However, do you know how to stay safe online? Emily Mulder, Program Director of Family Online Safety Institute delves into the experiences of the sandwich generation, digital parenting and more. Don’t miss this great episode! 

Your Online Behavior Impacts Your Children

It’s #InternetSafetyMonth and on this episode of The Bistro, Katie Goldstein, Senior Staff Attorney of the Children’s Advertising Review Unit, shares with us a twist on internet safety for children. Learn how you as parents could be jeopardizing your children’s safety online.

Want more insights? Read Katie’s article in Parents Magazine.