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Driving Into the Future

Self-driving cars are no longer an idea of the future, but an innovation of the present. This life-saving technology has come off the television screen and onto the roads. In this episode of The Bistro Jamie Boone, Vice President, Government Affairs, at Consumer Technology Association joins us to talk about this new reality and what to expect in the future of this field.  

Providing Protection for Military Consumers

On the heels of Military Consumer Protection month, tune in to this episode of The Bistro to learn about the unique challenges that military families face as consumers and the businesses and organizations that work to help protect them. Melissa Bittner, Program Manager for BBB Military Line, and Steven J. Lepper, Major General, USAF (Ret.) and President & Chief Executive Officer for the Association of Military Banks of America join to delve into this topic and share findings from a new military risk report.

The In-Home Chief Financial Officer

Women are known for shouldering the responsibility of two shifts: one within the workforce and one at home. While women are continually striving to find their voices in the traditionally male-dominated workplace, they have taken on the role of becoming the Chief Financial Officer, or CFO, of their second shift. 

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A Parents Role in Shaping Their Kids Digital Identity

As #InternetSafetyMonth has wrapped up, it is essential to continue the dialogue and awareness of this topic going forward. The more technology becomes ingrained in all that we do, the more critical it becomes to understand the intricacies and ways that it impacts our lives. 

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