Redefining Customer Service

How is customer service being redefined and transformed into today’s every moving and booming marketplace? The Winter 2018 issue of TRUSTED highlights stories of incredible customer service to help us all gain a better sense of what it is shaping up to be in our 21st-century market. Nona Phinn, Project Director BBB’s TRUSTED magazines tell us more about this exciting issue.

TRUSTED Talks Customer Service

The customer may not always be right, but they should always be first. Jump into the Winter 2018 issue of TRUSTED to see how companies are keeping their customers top of mind and how business benefits from this. Nona Phinn, Project Director and acting Editor-in-Chief of BBB’s TRUSTED magazines tell us more about this exciting issue.

Internet Safety for Children

Michael Robb, Research Director with Common Sense Media shares helpful tips and advice on how to help kids thrive in a world of media and technology, all while staying safe online. Tune in on The Bistro.

Five Gestures of Trust: Evaluating Customer-Business Relationships

Better Business Bureau has teamed up with Craig Honick, ethnographer and the managing partner of Metro Tribal, to look closely at the consumer-business relationship to help companies understand how better business is being defined by its customers.Tune-in to learn all about the 5 Gestures of Trust.

The Kindness Revolution

Consumer advocate, founder, and best- selling author of the book, The Kindness Revolution, Ed Horrell, shares his vision for bringing back the values of dignity, respect and kindness to the workplace, schools and everyday life in this inspiring episode of The Bistro.