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The Consumerism of Retail

On this episode of The Bistro, host Elaine Espinola and Project Director of BBB National Programs Podcasts dive deeper into the conversation surrounding the retail industry by revisiting three previous episodes that each introduced a layer to the discussion: Women’s Purchasing Power,, and A Parent’s Guide for Back to School Shopping. Check out this episode to learn more about who is driving consumer spending, what we spend our money on, and how the marketplace is adjusting.

Evolution of Our Social World

On this episode of the Better Series Erik Qualman, Motivational Speaker & Bestselling Author and owner of Equalman talks about how changes and advancements in technology are continually shaping the world around us. Listen in to learn more

A Parent’s Guide for Back to School Shopping

Summer has just begun but there is no time to waste in thinking about one of the biggest shopping seasons of the year. Katherine Cullen, Director of Industry and Consumer Insights at the National Retail Federation joined us last summer to provide in-depth insights and advice on how to navigate the halls of back to school shopping. Happy listening!

BBB AUTO LINE: A BBB National Program

Dispute resolution may sound deceptively simple, but let’s not be fooled. Listen in as Juan Herrera, National Director of Dispute Resolution Programs at BBB AUTO LINE explains the intricacies of dispute resolutions as it relates to cars.



Living Life in the Digital World

It’s #internetsafetymonth! We are certain that your family enjoys all of the benefits of living in a digital world. However, do you know how to stay safe online? Emily Mulder, Program Director of Family Online Safety Institute delves into the experiences of the sandwich generation, digital parenting and more. Don’t miss this great episode!