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Domino Effect of CCPA

To continue our #dataprivacyday conversations, Jon Brescia, VP of BBB NP Digital Advertising Accountability Program and Cobun Zweifel-Keegan, Deputy Director of BBB NP Privacy Initiatives give us a full download of CCPA and how the rest of the country will follow suit. Don’t miss out!

Today’s Retail – Episode Transcript

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Introduction: Welcome to the BBB National Program’s Podcast Better Series, where we will explore top of mind topics with business and industry leaders to understand the leading trends and innovations that continue to push the envelope in today’s marketplace.

James Lee: Thank you for joining us today on the Better Series Podcast. I’m James Lee.

For the past three episodes on this podcast, we’ve been exploring the retail sector in a series we call Retail Therapy. We learned how important retail is to the overall economy and how there is a transition underway being led by consumers, not designers or manufacturers. Our group of experts collectively agreed there is no retail apocalypse. Although if you’re among the tens of thousands of people whose jobs have been impacted by store closures, you might not see it that way.

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Consumer Concerns On Drones

Charles Dickens wrote in his famous novel Oliver Twist, “We cut over the fields at the back with him between us – straight as the crow flies – through hedge and ditch.” Little did he know that one day that crow could be a drone? That’s right. Drones are nothing new to our world. What’s new is that we will be seeing them flying in our communities here sooner than later. Some of us already are! Most of us are aware of their use for our military. But Amazon and UPS are pushing the envelope for that norm and have been for a while now. 

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Age Ain’t Nothing but a Number. Or is it?

Certain online platforms are required by COPPA law to screen users’ age. Is your platform one that should be? What are the specifics mandated by this law? Find out how this multi-faceted regulation affects your business as we explore this topic with Dona Fraser, VP, and Angela Tiffin, Senior Attorney at the BBB NP’s Children’s Advertising Review Unit.

Drones in Business

Since the dawn of aviation, people have dreamed of the day when flying machines were part of everyday life and routine business. Early science fiction silent movies like Metropolis, The Jetsons cartoon, and even Back to the Future tapped into our fascination with flying cars. While the dream remains alive, the practical application is still in the future.

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